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Responsible innovation serving mankind and environment

Responsible innovation serving mankind and environment

Greetings from CEO

Responsible innovations are the soul of KaiCell Fibers business model. For us, innovations mean both concrete breaking-new bioproducts and the way we operate.  

On the product side, the most concrete example of responsible innovation is Arbron™. Arbron™ is a feedstock for the textile fiber industry that is processed from chemical pulp and can be used in the existing viscose factories with minor modifications. This is an important break through, because it enables to avoid the use of carbon disulfide.

Carbon disulfide is at its worst a life-threatening gas. Mild exposure can cause damage e.g. to central and peripheral nerves. It is toxic to aquatic organisms when it is released into aquatic organisms and is harmful to aquifers.

To eliminate such problems we will be happy to contribute.

We also act responsibly in wood procurement. Most of the wood we use will be available in an average distance of one hundred kilometres, therefore, the wood supply distance in Kainuu is significantly reduced, as well as the carbon dioxide emmisiions generated from the transportation.

We use raw material holistically and innovatively, which is also part of responsible behaviour. BioFutureFactory™ is a technology village, where enterprises, institutes and other entities can transfer side streams into bioproducts. Thus we make it possible for businesses to develop more highly processed bioproducts out of, for example, tree bark and sugary substances. Therefore, for valuable raw material as wood and its side streams, new opportunities for the future will be sought. This is how we operate according to the principles of modern networking and circular economy.

Responsible supports business

Responsible operation is not only an absolute value as such, but also means that we are also financially responsible. For Arbron™ type of innovative and sustainable bioproduct there is ever increasing demand in the market place in comparison to non-renewable products. The pricing power would also be improved due to this further processing.

When we succeed in the market, we create economic prosperity not only to the shareholders but also to many other stakeholders. People get the job, forest owners finds buyer for the wood and the local entrepreneurs get business. This all brings tax revenues to the municipality. The impacts also extend far beyond Kainuu.

Many forest owners live around Finland and the networks of many partner companies extend across Finland. That is why we are confident that we are producing responsible innovations for the benefit of people and the environment.

One of the key features of our new operating model is the network approach. Paltamo's biorefinery is the core of business, but people create innovations. That is why we would like to include the whole group including investors, innovators, forest owners and many other key partners whoes contribution to the new construction will be highly valued and appreciated.

Jukka Kantola
KaiCell Fibers Oy