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KaiCell Fibers’ vision

KaiCell Fibers’ vision

KaiCell Fibers is an innovative biorefinery, which based on sustainable local fiber and innovative bioproducts. We also offer our co-partners opportunity to develop bio-innovations in the BioFutureFactory™.

Strategic goals of KaiCell Fibers

In order to achieve our vision we have set five strategic goals:

1. We have optimised capacity of the biorefinery with sustainable local fiber resources

  • The biorefinery will be built in the middle of abundant and sustainable forest resources in Paltamom Kainuu. The forests in the area have grown at a rate about 6.9 million cubic meters per year.
  • The biorefinery uses about 3,5 million cubic meters of raw material each year.
  • Our optimum position reduces the carbon footprint of the traffic. The average transport distance of round wood to the mill is about 100 km, while the fiber wood has been transported elsewhere to Finland for processing.

2. We are converting pulp into the bioproducts desired by markets

  • The basic product of the biorefinery is pulp from which further bioproducts are further processed. As the proportion of further processed products is increasing, the share of market pulp decreases
  • Another key product is Arbron ™, a new kind of textile fiber raw material. The manufacture of this new textile fiber does not use detrimental carbon disulfide(CS2) that is harmful to human beings and the environment. Carbon disulfide has been long considered as a significant disadvantage in the manufacturing of visose.
  • There is a huge demand for new textile fiber, especially in Asia, where the rise in standard of living and the increase in consumption have been heavily burdening the environment. Raising the recycling rate also creates demand for natural fibers based on renewable raw materials.

3. With partners we are developing innovative bioproducts, to reduce the dependence on fossil based and non-renewable products

  • Biorefinery produces sustainable bioproducts from sustainable raw materials with best available technology respecting environment
  • Our long-term goal is to refine procured near fiber for value-added proceeded bioproducts
  • Due to the large proportion of processed products, the biorefinery is a unique entity.

4. Our biorefinery is providing a platform for bioecosystem BioFutureFactory™, which provides economically sound investment opportunities

  • Selling side-streams of pulp production for the BioFutureFactory™ partners is economically sensible
  • Cultivate bioproducts targeted at different industries create a solid foundation for investment
  • The emergence of an innovative network for the bio-industry improves premises for developing new skill

5. We are operating constructively, respectfully and in good collaboration with local community and society

  • We are informing local residents, municipalities and authorities regularly
  • We are in continuous dialogue with local community