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Arbron™ is a highly processed and ecologically produced textile fiber raw material that is designed to fulfil the fiber demand in the growing textile industry, especially in Asia, the main production area of viscose today. KaiCell Fibers target is to produce Arbron™ material by a novel method developed in Finland. This method avoids the use of toxic carbon disulfide, which is widely used traditional viscose production that could cause harm to environment and people.

Carbon disulfide is a highly flammable substance that can cause accidents and serious disadvantages. In addition, it dissolves many materials like rubber and a number of plastics.

Exposure to carbon disufide at its worst can be lethal. Even if only in contact with the skin, the substance may cause psychological disturbances and permanent damage to central and peripheral nervous system. Carbon disulfide can also increase the risk for hearing damage.

Carbon disulfide is also suspected of weakening fertility and damaging to fetus.

From the soil, carbon disulfide can enter into the groundwater. It is also toxic to aquatic organisms.

As a regenerated cellulose based fiber, Arbron™ is also an alternative to cotton, whose cultivation requires a lot of water, fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, cotton takes the cultivated land needed for food production. Regenerated fibers are a key opportunity to reduce the environmental challenges brought up by cotton farming. In a long run, Arbron™ can also replace synthetic fibers such as polyester.

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