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Local fiber

Local fiber

Local fiber is one of the key elements of our responsibility. The majority of the wood needed by the biorefinery plant will be found in an average distance of one hundred kilometres from the plant, which is located in the middle of extensive forest resources in Kainuu. At present, the nearest pulp mills are located over 200 kilometres from the area. The closer the wood raw material available, the more it reduces the carbon dioxide emission associated with transportation.

KaiCell Fibers' wood procurement is based on the fiber that can be found in the area and the by-products from the local sawmills.

As a result of long-term forestry management, Kainuu has large forest resources and pulpwood from thinning is well available. In addition, Kainuu has considerable savings from the past years in harvesting. The wood growth rate of the area is 6.9 million cubic meters per annum.

Wood raw material to the biorefinery is purchased from trusted forestry vendors and sustainably managed forests. Over 90 percent of the forests of Kainuu are certified.